Reviews and Testimonials

Below is some of the unsolicted feedback TotalLegal has received from its customers. For more TotalLegal reviews see the third party review site, or view our A+ record with the Better Business Bureau.

"All I have to say is your team at The TotalLegal is AMAZING! This experience has been incredible, within 6 hours all documents submitted, filed and approved, wow! I can't thank your team enough! The service you provide is outstanding! [...] this just takes a huge weight off my shoulders now that this is finished. Thank you all so much again!"
–William, Indiana (June 2016)

"Hey I am very thankful wasn't painful at all and will recommend you to anyone I come across wanting to do same thing. I appreciate all you've done for me."
–Joey, Ohio (March 2016)

"Excellent service, prompt, professional, and I have already made very positive comments on a survey that I completed. I have setup an LLC on my own. Not hard, but took more time and for a very fair fee, you did it for me, allowing me to concentrate on my business."
–Dave, Georgia (March 2016)

"I have had a wonderful experience with your company and will definitely use in the future as the need arises. I have also recommended your website to a few friends. "
–Bobbie, Wisconsin (February 2016)

"Thank you! You were fantastic to work with!!"
–Cheryl, Texas (January 2016)

"Thanks to your crew for what they've done. I appreciate all the help."
–Michael H. (November 2015)

"Can you help me register my other LLC with the state of GA?
I attempted and it came back as a rejected. I chose to do one of the filing through you [...] and the other LLC [...] myself. "
–Kelly, Georgia (September 2015)

"Thank you ! I am very impressed with how quickly and efficiently the company handled this!"
–Jeff, New Jersey (August 2015)

"Wow!! Very fast response! Great work! Greatly appreciated. Thank you and the TotalLegal Team! "
–David, Virginia (August 2015)

"Thank you for designing a website that is so amazingly easy to navigate and understand. It was such a pleasure today to create and print out my living will – without a hitch! I experienced absolutely no confusion or frustration. The instructions are clear, everything is logically arranged, and it took only a few minutes to complete the form, print it out and save it. I am very pleased. Again, thank you for providing this great service."
–Faye O., Seattle (July 2015)

"Thank you so much. We plan to form an LLC with my parents for their 115 acre farm in Clarke County and will be in touch with you !! Thank you for making this painless !!!!"
–Ashley, Virginia (June 2015)

"I want you to know that I am so very pleased with your work. I had to update so I sent in the payment for you to print me another copy and send to me. I actually saw it when I downloaded it and it looked like it came from a Harvard Lawyer. I will certainly use you if needed in the future as well as pass the information about your excellent work to all of my friends. Let me know if you are on Facebook so that I can give you an excellent review."
–Sue P. (June 2015)

"You guys are great!! Thanks for the excellent service!"
–Mike G. (April 2015)

"Thank You very much!! I really appreciate this. Your Company saved me a ton of money!"
–R.G. (March 2015)

"Thank you so much for helping to complete my Powers of Attorney for my husband and me. We looked all over, and the details were complicated and difficult in other programs, requiring notarized copies of witnesses, just for an example. It was difficult to get everyone at the bank together at the same time....what a hassle. So I went to the VA website and found YOU :) I signed up for your Free Trial, ticked a few boxes, and wha-lah! printed out two P of A's for $20 bucks. Thank you for the affordable price, for my war hero husband and myself! The purpose of my email is to thank you, and to assure my Free Trial has been canceled. I would like to continue my subscription with you, but as costs go up, our income stays the same. My husband receives his military benefits - he is a 100% disabled, service connected veteran. And we both receive SSDI benefits. So, thanks again for being on the VA site and offering an affordable price!"
–Deborah L., Oregon (March 2015)

"Thank you very much. You guys have been very prompt and professional. I can highly recommend you."
–Greg D. (March 2015)

"Thank you so much for your assistance-it worked out just fine. I would "totally" use TotalLegal again and I highly recommend your service!"
–Kathleen P. (December 2014)

"Thanks a lot. Every instance of encounters with you guys has been great. You're quick and responsive."
–John G., Georgia (September 2014)

"Thank you for offering this service for people. It is so easy to do and the price is great. I just got my papers signed today so I am very happy to have it done and will place the will in my safe this afternoon when I get home from the Family History Center where I work on Tuesdays. Thanks again for the great work."
–Jan S. (September 2014)

"I truly appreciate your fast and inexpensive Legal services. I'm very happy I found your website. I'll be using it for all legal services I need and, for sure will be telling all my friend and relatives about TotalLegal."
–Diane G. (September 2014)

"Thank you TL Team…your company is one class act! :-)"
–David L. (July 2014)

"I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the chance to do will fast easy and it saved me a lot of money now I can rest easy that my wishes will be taken care of.Thank you again"
–Ester B. (March 2014)

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU, that your website was so easy to use and understand. I had gone to two others and as I was finishing the [Quitclaim Deed], they asked for my email and held the document hostage asking for a payment of $50.00. Thank you for making this process very easy. I am very busy and was delighted with your website service. I will recommend your website to others."
–Rosa D., Florida (November 2013)

" is a great service! I was hesitant to purchase the Will, but did so, and was most pleased. It’s fully editable, as was promised in their response to my question regarding such, and was e-mailed within seconds of my payment. Thanks so much! "
–Marian V. (November 2012)

"Nice work, folks. I had [a Last Will and Testament] drawn out for Colorado by an attorney for $600 (one for each of us as a couple), tried to change it for South Dakota. Give your service a whirl. Perfect and easy. the $5 discount for the second one was a pleasant were all those well-written supporting guides."
–Gary T., South Dakota (December 2011)